“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

~ Nelson Mandela

Leadership, success, life transitions, bringing your dreams to life, finding new levels of fulfillment and satisfaction, shaping your brand from the inside out…these are some of the things we can explore and bring to life together in my practice as a coach.

Coaching is bold, dynamic, compassionate work that gets to the heart of what you really want to create in your life. We focus on forward action and solutions. We develop a plan and we move on it. I’m your guide, your support, the fire under you.

Together we’ll get crystal clear on what you truly want, root out where you’re stuck, bypass doubts and fears. If you have a dream we’ll put it into action; if you’re looking for it, we’ll find it.

I’m a coach in private practice in Toronto, Canada, although my clients are global. Coaching can be as effective by telephone as it is in person.

Building on my earlier training as a psychotherapist, I’ve trained in Toronto in the Co-Pilot™ methodology and as a Co-Active™ coach in Washington D.C. In the mix – the full range of my professional background in business and communications and my unwavering belief in your potential to create the life you want.

Our first step? Let’s talk. I want to hear about what you’re yearning to discover and achieve, and talk about what we’d do together to get you well on your way. And, of course, answer any questions you might have about coaching. Please email me and we'll arrange a time to chat.

John MacKay, M.A.
Clinical Psychology